3 for $6
2 for $4.5
1 for $2.5!

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*Some items are not available for promo. Prices are stated individually.
For each pre-order you've made, you are entitled to select any one of the wrist accoutrements of your choice and it will be delivered along with your pre-order for free. YES IT’S FREE! So hurry now while stocks last!
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One per pre-ordered item, the more you order, the more you get!
Subjected to availability of stock
Under order form, fill in remarks for choice of wrist accouterment
If you had submitted orders already, you can contact me here or through the phone number given after submission of orders.
Feel free to contact me if you have any queries!

*Terms and conditions apply
Geek Specs

1 for $6.5
2 for $10
3 for $12 !!!
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Wrist accouterments
1 for $3.5
3 for $10 !!!
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*while stocks last!